img_1115The Backstory

My name is Amy Monroe.  I don’t happen to believe that Cabernet is King or that Pinot Noir is the Holy Grail…but I used to.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with wine.  Red wine to be precise.  At the time wine was not my profession, but I became so enamored of it that within a year I quit my job in the non-profit world and decided to turn what was then a newfound avocation into a career.  I am delighted to say that my occupational gamble paid off.  More than a decade later (most of it spent in retail), I have tasted thousands upon thousands of wines for the purposes of professional evaluation, providing guidance to customers, and formal education.  For the first half of my wine career I bought into the prevailing notions about red wine:  that it is more age-worthy, more complex, more powerful, and more serious than white.

And then one day I realized none of that is true.

Sometime during 2010, I reached a tipping point.  I realized that for personal consumption, I was choosing white wine far more often than red.  While my preference was entirely valid the belief that “red is better,” a viewpoint widely held among novices and professionals alike, wouldn’t let me go.  In my work life, I generally kept my preference quiet thinking that colleagues and clients might not take me seriously if they knew.  When customers asked me what my favorite wine was I told a past truth – that the first wine I ever fell for was Zinfandel, which was both an honest answer and a happy coincidence given that the winery that employed me at the time made some of the very best.

A couple of years on, after developing some confidence in my white wine preference, I decided to be honest when asked about my favorite wines.  My answers ran the gamut from Sauvignon Blanc to Grüner Veltliner to Semillon to Sherry and others as I discovered them.  I received my share of quizzical/skeptical/incredulous looks.  I was almost always asked, “how can Cabernet (or insert other red grape of choice here) not be on your list?” Or, “wait – all your favorites are white??”  But the most important thing to come of all of these conversations was an identity.  I became known among my circle of friends and colleagues as the girl who only drinks white wine.  Which is how the idea for this blog started to percolate.

This Blog

Post-percolation, I did a little searching on the web and while I found many wine blogs, I didn’t find any devoted solely to all things white wine.  So I thought, why not? For me, the white wine category includes all of the following:  still white, sparkling, fortified (non-red), sweet (non-red), and rosé, so those are the types of wines you will find covered here.  In short, if you serve it chilled as you would a white, it counts.

I hope to do justice to the great diversity that exists in this category.  To dispel myths. To engage with all who are interested.  To advocate for lesser-known varieties. To educate where I am able, to provide an insight or two, and to have a little fun.  You will not see traditional wine reviews with scores on this site.  There are many others who do those very well, but my brain has never been able to convert my experience with what’s in the glass to numerical scores or rankings.  Exactly what I will write is yet to be determined, but I hope you will join me in finding out.

My Resume

Professional Experience:  I have been working in the wine industry full-time since 2004.  I have spent the majority of that time in wine retail, first at Best Cellars in Washington, DC, then at Vintage Berkeley in Berkeley, CA.  I followed these positions with a stint in direct-to-consumer sales and hospitality at Ridge Vineyards – Monte Bello in Cupertino, CA.  I currently work in management at K&L Wine Merchants in San Francisco.

Formal Wine Education:  I earned the Diploma from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust in 2009.





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  1. Just stumbled across your lovely blog, such a pleasure to meet you here, even though we ha ha work together……. and you’re right, white wine is too often given short shrift or negative snubbing by the ‘Reds’, those folks who hold forth that unless your tongue is dyed permanently purple you aren’t a true connoisseur….. so I’ll read your words and likely gain even more respect for your discerning insights, if that is possible…. John M.


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